TimeEdge e-Commerce CRM:
Each e-Commerce web site has its unique design and requirement, although most share similar needs and functions. TimEdge CRM and e-Commerce software requires web hosting and root access to configure the application server, web server and database. With this software, it is possible to sell and deliver both physical and virtual goods, including digital contents.

$35 per month hosted on our server

License and assisted setup without customization on your own server: $5000 per server

License, assisted setup, plus customization: Contact us with your requirement for a detailed analysis


TimeEdge Digital Content Delivery System (Ez-Invia)

Our hosted digital content delivery system requires no technical knowledge to setup and use. Just sign up with us and upload your content file (PDF) and we'll setup your account with a link that you can use with your web page. We charge only a small fee for document storage, encryption and content-protection (optional), and per transaction.

Per transaction: 1.5% + $1.00, 2.95% credit card fee (no fee if the buyer pays with checking account)

Storage fee: $0.05 per MB/month

Encryption fee: $0.25 per document per delivery

Contact us to setup

TimeEdge Web Forms

Our hosted web form submission makes it easy to collect user input from your web site and requires no technical knowledge. The cost is free for up to 50 submissions per month (text only, under 50KB each), which is more than enough for most small web sites. For high-traffic web sites, the price is $0.03 per submission (up to 50KB), and $0.05 per MB of multimedia data.

Contact us to setup

TimeEdge Classifieds Listing

Our hosted Classifieds Listing gives your community or content web site the ability to let members buy, sell or trade among themselves or non-members. With pre-built forms for inserting and modification, pre-made categories, email notification, adding classifieds listing to your web site is simple. Price starts at $5 per month for up to 200 listings, $10 for up to 1000 listings, and $5 extra for every 300 listings afterward.

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